about the actor/director

Working as a professional actor for the past 45 years, Laurence Ballard has performed in nearly 250 productions in regional theaters across America. Internationally, over a three-year collaboration with Suzuki Tadashi and his The Tale of Lear project, he performed in Toga-mura, Mito City and Tokyo, Japan. In 1990 he traveled to the former Soviet Republic of Georgia to appear in the award-winning children’s film, The Falcon, the first co-production of its kind between the US and the USSR. Awarded a Fox Foundation Fellowship in 1999, he went to London to study Alexander Technique, voice at the RSC, and to audit productions in the West End and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A native of Washington State, he presently resides in the state of Georgia.

As a director, he has directed productions for Seattle's ACT Theatre, the Washington State Arts Commission, Cornish College of the Arts, the University of Washington, among others.

Also a teacher, he has taught at Seattle's prestigious Cornish College of the Arts Theater Department as an Adjunct Associate Professor and, later, as an instructor at a small, family-run, private, arts college in the South.

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