Cancelling or rescheduling a coaching or tutoring session is never a problem. Whether for a theatre production or graduate acting school program, we'll simply find another time to work on that audition or, if the case may be, to continue our considerations on acting.

There are just a few simple guidelines to remember:

One (1) week before our confirmed appointment, I will freely reschedule a cancelled session for a later date and time.

Cancellations occurring
six (6) days or less from a confirmed appointment will result in a ten dollar ($10.00) re-booking fee, payable through PayPal on the fee & scheduling page.

Three (3) or less hours notice, a full-session fee is due for the cancelled appointment.

Why the fees? Regrettably, theatre rental spaces for audition-training and teaching purposes are at a premium, and demand by professionals for their use is competitive: it's first come, first served. Available studios understandably require booking (and payment) well in advance of their use - cancellation or no. Whether a rented space gets used or not is actually moot: the standard policy is no rental credit or refund with less than a week's notice. My policy simply reflects these basic facts. (Please bear in mind this re-booking fee only applies to cancellations or rescheduling requests occurring in less than a week of days. Excepting that, remember: any rental expense associated with the use of these spaces is fully included in the coaching fee.)

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